Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

How to remove spray paint from trees

Most spray paint graffiti is very easy to remove from trees, and it can be done without poisoning or permanently damaging the appearance of the tree.

Brush on Bare Brick, Stone & Masonry Graffiti Remover and agitate with the brush as you apply.

Depending on the type of graffiti, you may need more than one coat and a little dwell time between coats to ensure the spray can is fully dissolved before rinsing. 

Once the graffiti has dissolved, use a pressure washer to rinse, taking care not to blast too close to the tree so as not to remove any bark or etch the surface. 

Using a yellow 15° tip, or green 20° tip, stand back as much as possible and keep the wand moving along the tree to avoid damage, as seen in the photos. 

Alternatively, a stiff-bristled nylon scrub brush and a bucket of water can be used to rinse the tree’s surface.