Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

How to remove egg and paintball paint from signs

Feltpen Fadeout  can be used with much success on egg staining and splatter. The high sulfur content in egg yolk can turn to sulfurous acid as it dries, and if left long enough can actually strip paint from powder coated or pre-painted metal sheeting. Once dry, egg yolks can set as hard as concrete. Egg splatter does not usually affect emulsion, oil or acrylic paints. Egg staining is really only a visual problem on these surfaces as it turns grey to black marks if left untreated.

In the past, the only way to clean egg staining was to thoroughly soak the area first to soften the staining and then very slowly WARM pressure wash the area enjoying the waft of rotten eggs as you go....enjoy! Much to the chagrin of the inexperienced punter, they often destroy everything in their path, including sound acrylic stucco and paintwork, due to blasting with hot water.


Feltpen Fadeout (FPFO) applied full strength with a brush and left for 15 minutes will literally melt the egg staining, requiring only a quick WARM pressure wash. Furthermore, wherever FPFO is applied to clear type stains it will turn the staining yellow indicating the extent of the splatter.

Be careful quoting or guaranteeing any results on this type of cleaning job because in the past, as contractors, we have personally seen many roofs, sidings and powder coated surfaces having to be repainted or replaced because the egg splatter dissolved the top coat down to the primer, undercoat or bare metal. The customer may think it was you who damaged the surface from being inexperienced. 

Paintballs can dry quite hard and brittle. We have found Feltpen Fadeout to be the quickest remover for paintballs. Occasionally, a diluted HCL solution may be useful in removing brittle white paintballs from brick.