Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

Remove, Restore, Protect with World's Best

4G Surface Guard

4g surface guard

For Floors
For Floors
For Walls
For Walls
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1 Gallon
5 Gal. Pail
1 Gallon
5 Gal. Pail

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4G SURFACE GUARD is a permanent water-based impregnation system for horizontal and vertical mineral and porous architectural surfaces. The treatment transforms natively absorbent surfaces into highly water and oil repellent surfaces (hydrophobic & oleophobic).As an impregnation, it penetrates into mineral substrates through their natural absorbency and by gravity.4G SURFACE GUARD is not a film forming sealant. It leaves the substrate fully vapor permeable. Once cured, 4G SURFACE GUARD invisible to the human eye and does not change the surface friction. Correctly applied and depending on conditions, life expectancy is approximately 10 years.

Features & Benefits

Go Green with World's Best Graffiti Removers

  • Safe, quick and easy to apply by brush, roller, airless or pump sprayer.
  • Fast drying time.
  • Surfaces are easy to clean, leaving pristine results.
  • Invisible, preserves natural look and feel of surface.
  • Water-based formula, no solvent and VOC, no odor.
  • Leaves surface vapor permeable.
  • No change in co-efficient of friction, slip resistance.

Use 4G SURFACE GUARD product as provided. Shake well before use. Do not dilute. Surfaces must be clean and free of any previous coatings or sealants. It is normal and best practice to mask and protect windows in a suitable manner. Easily applied by airless sprayer, HVLP, or low pressure pump up type sprayer. Brush, roller, or mop can also be used where appropriate. Rapid, single step application, 1 or 2 wet on wet layers.

Already treated surfaces can be replenished as needed, without stripping first coat.

Application with World's Best Graffiti Coating

For ultimate graffiti protection on walls impregnated with 4G SURFACE GUARD, an additional coat of WORLD’S BEST GRAFFITI COATING can be applied. Graffiti will wash off easily with just hot water alone. 

Coverage Guidelines

160 - 240 sq ft per gallon (4 - 6 sq m per liter).